Soo-Cool was created by Sue Harvey in 2004. Sue had MS and suffered badly with heat. She found Kool Ties, made by Pam Kafka in Arizona and they were such a godsend she decided to import them.

Rae and Sue Harvey

Once Sue’s MS had reached the stage where she didn't have the energy to spare for the business she passed in onto Rae Harvey. Rae Harvey is a long term Kool Tie user and is taking over the business to continue to supply these aids to the many heat sufferers in the UK.

We are a family business, run from home by Rae Harvey in Wilsden, Nr Bradford.

There are many reasons, medical or just comfort, why we might wish to keep cool and until very recently it has been a difficult thing to do. Most of our customers have been MS sufferers and it was for them that we started the business. As a spin off from that, when Sue set up the business, many friends found relief from menopausal “personal summers”. Kool Ties are cheap and easy to manage. They remain effective for two or three days and they top up in cold water in about 5/15 mins.