What is it?

The Original Kool Tie is an attractive fabric tubular scarf which contains polymer crystals. When soaked in water, these crystals absorb more than 400 times their original weight (see illustration).

The Original Kool Tie cools the body through the natural process of evaporation and never needs to be refrigerated or frozen. This cooling effect is continuous and will last for 2-3 days before a re-soaking is needed. This provides a more efficient & comfortable method of dealing with hot situations than products with frozen inserts. "Freeze & wear" type products are useful only until they melt, usually about an hour. In addition, the extreme coldness can actually create more discomfort--remember the headaches you got as a child when you ate ice cream too fast?

The cooling effect of the Original Kool Tie is all natural--you need nothing to activate it except water. The gradual release of moisture provides the cooling effect.


Why it Works

Although there are several areas of cardio-vascular arteries throughout the human body, the neck area is the most important in terms of cooling the body easily & quickly. The Original Kool Tie is designed to cool the blood flowing to the brain via the carotid arteries & the major vascular network at the back of the neck simultaneously.

Studies have shown that if this area is cooled, the wearer can achieve a higher level of performance with less perceived effort. Cooling this area reduces stress and can actually lower the heart rate.


Who uses Kool Ties


People with Multiple Sclerosis have found that wearing a Kool Tie has eased their discomfort and in some cases increased their activity level.

Paraplegic and quadriplegic people cannot dissipate body heat effectively due to their injury. The heat travels upward to the head and Kool Tie offers a great deal of relief.

Many headache sufferers praise Kool Tie for offering relief when nothing else works. Many who get migraines immediately locate their Kool Ties as soon as the first signs appear.

Women going through menopause have reported that hot flashes or "power surges" don't affect them as long as they wear their Kool Tie.

Desert hikers have credited Kool Tie with being able to endure 100+ temperatures for longer periods, with more energy and clearer heads.

Bicycling and motorcycling while wearing Kool Tie has been a tremendous endurance aid. The natural air movement created enhances the cooling effect dramatically.