Stay cool with a Kafka Kool Tie

We all get too hot from time to time. In warm climates just the weather can be a factor. We might have hot places of work. We might like sunbathing. We might engage in physical activity of some sort. We might have a health condition which means we get overheated.

Wearing a suitably wetted Kafka Kool tie is an efficient way to cool our bodies whatever the situation. 

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Accept no imitations

We only sell original Kafka's Kool Ties made in Arizona. Kafka’s Kool Tie was started by Steve and Pam Kafka in 1992 at their current Cave Creek Rd. location. Pam designed an extremely durable and incredibly functional cooling tie. Beware of cheaper versions which may not last as long.

A small business based in North Wales

North Wales may not be one of the warmest places but it's a great place for outdoor activities. Hiking, climbing, cycling and various sorts of water sports are popular among those who are fortunate to either live here or visit.

The weather does sometimes get warm and this is when the natives often forgo the pleasures afforded by their surroundings and feel they should go out to tend to their gardens and maintain their lovely homes. This constitutes strenuous activity for some of us!

Many people have a conservatory or large windows to take advantage of the beautiful views but this can make some of our rooms hot when the sun is out.

Prompt & Personal

We endeavour to deal with orders on the same day as they are placed. It's helpful if you can indicate how best to communicate with you so that we can contact you quickly if there are any queries or problems.

Once your order is dispatched we will send you a personal email to confirm it.

We very much welcome feedback and suggestions about our products and service.

A company with a history of commitment

  Sue had MS and suffered with the heat (and cold in winter). I found out about the Kool Ties online and ordered one for her to try. She liked it and found it beneficial. Some of her freinds wanted to try them. When I asked Pam Kafka if there was a UK agent Pam said “no would you like to be it.”

So Sue launched the UK business with my help. She ran it for over 7 yrs from 2002 but during the last year her health was deteriorating so I had to do most of the work which I managed alongside caring for Sue and running my own Civil Engineering consultancy business. 

Bill Harvey

  Sue was reluctant to stop the direct supply to MS sufferers in the UK so as I used the ties myself Bill asked us to take over. We agreed even though we hadn’t a clue how to run a business! It was in August 2009 when we started. 

After 11 yrs I just wanted to give it up as there were too many other things going on. Like Sue I was reluctant to let it go, but when Debbie phoned to buy a tie for herself I just felt inspired to say “I’m wanting to sell the business” and asked whether she knew of anyone who might take it on. I was really pleased that she phoned back to say she felt led to take it on herself. I felt she would make ago of it and it wouldn’t fold. After meeting with her and Martin we felt we’d done the right thing. 

Rae Harvey

 Whenever I was away from our business on holiday I asked Debbie to take over replying to and fulfilling our website orders. I always did so happily because Debbie has an understanding that every customer is precious and I knew that she would give each the care and attention that they deserved. As I returned from holiday I would always receive encouraging emails from happy customers. I know that Debbie will be showing her own customers that same level of care and attention.

Dave Newbould

Origins Photograpy

Ethically & Environmentally sound

As Christians we run our company with the same moral standards as our lives.

We try not to buy any of our supplies from companies that exploit their workers. We recycle as much as possible and use eco-friendly mailing bags to package the ties. We don't quite have a paperless office but we're not far off!