SooCool was established in 2002 by Sue Harvey with the support of her husband Bill. Sue suffered from MS and found the ties provided much needed relief from some of the symptoms, particularly the heat. She and her friends had been buying ties from Pam Kafka in the USA but postage and packaging charges could be prohibitive. 

When Bill enquired about a UK supplier he discovered there was none and Pam suggested that he become one so they went about setting up a company in the UK.

Sue’s MS eventually reached the stage where she didn't have the energy to spare for the business and although her husband helped her keep it going for a while they decided to pass it on to her sister-in-law Rae. Rae had also been a long term Kool Tie user, buying the ties from Sue and she was keen to continue to supply these aids to the many heat sufferers in the UK.

Rae was reaching the point where she felt there was too much going on in her life for her to be able to concentrate on the tie business when Debbie Sapsed phoned to buy a tie. In the course of the conversation Rae felt led to tell Debbie she was looking to sell the business and asked whether she knew of anyone who might want to take it on. 

You can find out more on the next page but to cut a long story short Debbie phoned back to say that she would take it on herself!