Delivery in the UK is by Royal Mail. We aim to get your order in the post on the day we receive it if at all possible. However, we are essentially a two person band and since the members of this particular band are married it is not uncommon for us to be out of the house at the same time! If we are out for the day we will usually check for orders when we get back and will at least email you. We try to arrange cover with the help of neighbours when we are away.

Orders for one or two ties are simple. We make sure we keep stocks of the stamps required for these and they can be taken to the postbox - a 10 minute walk down the hill. The dog loves this but we don't if it's raining, which is not uncommon here!

If we need to get stamps or if the package doesn't fit in the small postbox, the local post office is in a convenience store 3 miles away, is not always staffed as a post office and may not have the stamps we want when we come to restock. In order to be as environmentally friendly as possible we prefer not to make a special trip for just one order so it helps us save the planet if you can indicate whether or not your order is urgent.

Once your order is in the post delivery times are those stated by the Royal Mail.


2nd class1st class
1 or 2 ties£3.00£5
2 or 3 ties£4.00£7
5 or moreFree£8
10 tiesFree

If you wish to place an order for more than 10 ties please contact us to discuss delivery costs and potential discounts.

Our main aim is to provide a supply chain in the UK. The decision to leave the EU has caused complications with supply to member states but we will consider sending to other countries at cost. Please call to enquire.

Out of stock items

We are essentially UK resellers for the company in the USA that manufacture the ties. We place bulk orders a few times each year to maintain reasonable stock levels but we can't stock the entire range. If we usually stock the tie you wanted but have run out please ring to find out when we are placing the next order. If you are interested in a particular tie that we haven't yet stocked we may be able to order it for you if you can wait.