Anatomy of a Kool tie

How a Kool Tie works

In the middle section of a Kool Tie is a tube of material containing special crystals which soak up water and release it gradually. It cools the body by evaporation rather than by being cold as you might expect. Unlike other products it doesn't need to be refrigerated or frozen. It is the gradual release of the water from the damp tie into the air which causes the cooling effect rather than the temperature of the tie. This means that the tie is more comfortable to wear. Extreme coldness can actually create more discomfort; remember the headaches you got as a child when you ate ice cream too fast.

This cooling effect is continuous and will last for 2-3 days before a re-soaking is needed. 

The carotid arteries and major veins run through the neck controlling blood flow to and from the brain and the rest of the body. This makes wearing a tie the most efficient means of staying cool.

Cooling this area also reduces stress and can actually lower the heart rate.

Studies have shown that if this area is cooled, the wearer can achieve a higher level of performance with less perceived effort.

Hydrating your tie

On subsequent uses you can simply run the tie under the tap or even pour water from a bottle. You can use a lake, stream or even a puddle if your don't mind the tie getting a bit dirty - you can always wash it as per the intsructions below.

Hang the tie for 5 minutes before you put it on.

Wearing your tie

Wrap the tie round your neck and secure it at the front in whatever manner you choose. Most people just tie a simple knot at the front. You can use a double knot or a bow knot for greater security. You can even tie it like an ordinary tie.

If you're just sitting with your tie you can just drape it round your neck and leave the ends hanging.

Always allow a good flow or air around the tie as this helps the evaporation process.

Periodically rotate the outside edge of the tie towards the neck. 

Re-wet, hang and wear again and again.

Washing your tie

Fully hydrate the tie first, then hand wash it in your favourite washing liquid for no more than 3 minutes. Rinse well and then hang so that air can circulate freely until it is completely dry. You can wash it in the machine, ideally in a laundry bag, (sock or tights) for no more than 3 minutes occasionally to remove extreme dirt or salt build up.

Storing your tie

When not in use, hang your tie in a dry airy place away from light.